Planning, implementation and completion of audits/assurance/Corporate Governance engagements for clients as their Internal and external Lead Auditor with a team of two to four specialising in:

Statutory Audits

  • Compliance with ASIC regulations or other applicable statute(s) governing the client operations
  • Process include Planning, Defining the scope of the Audit, the segregation of duties and the risk based audit approach
  • Design, implement and document procedures derived from Generally Accepted Auditing Standards (GAAS) to ensure compliance

Risk Based Audits

  • Focused on value preservation activities
  • Process orientated audits process
  • Design, implement and document audit risk models and management interviews

Objective Based Audits

  • In sync with strategic planning process and execution milestones
  • Derived from both short term and long term strategic plans, altering as objectives shift across time
  • Design, implement and document qualitative evaluation of the likelihood of achieving objectives, with most work plans created from scratch

Corporate Governance

  • Procedures are complimentary to objective based Audits and incorporate the statutory audit requirements but are designed to advise management on procedures to minimize their business risk exposure
  • Assisting management to implement ‘best practice’ policies and procedures which also incorporate strategic plans
  • Design, implement and document recommendations and procedures with intensive staff training to ensuring understanding by all

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