Our audit team can help support businesses through the rapidly changing regulatory environment and identify the challenges and risks through a range of special purpose audits that focus on specific areas requiring examination.

Our independent audit process protects the reputation of businesses and help mitigate against the risk of potential non-compliance and breaches. The team is equipped with the knowledge and expertise to verify and review financial and other information often required by government regulators.

We can assist with the following special purpose audits:

Government Grants and funding

We can assist you to meet all the current guidelines and navigate the complexities of government funding mechanisms, either grant-based or through Research and Development.

Fraud and theft examinations

We can help detect signs of internal control weakness, fraud and investigate criminal and fraudulent activity within your business.

Bank required Audits

In cases where organisations seek bank finance or additional working capital those financial institutions may require an audit of that organisation’s financial statements to ensure that these are true and fair and comply with accounting standards before making such funds available.

Advice and assistance with ATO Audits

We can proactively assist businesses to minimise their audit risk and review their situation in the event of an audit by the Australian Tax Office.

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