Most not-for-profit organisations are required to have their financial reports professionally audited.

The audit of not-for profit organisations requires a clear understanding of the intrinsic operations for each entity that enables a clear assessment and reporting on the due diligence control activities. This type of examination refers to charities, foundations and community groups.

We appreciate and are conversant with the financial and legislative requirements to ensure these organisations comply with all the necessary regulations.

Our comprehensive audit service also includes reporting to the organisation’s management with a separate management report at the conclusion of the audit and by an Audit Finalisation letter which contains recommendations specific to the organisations on how to meet their obligations, including:

  • Clubs and Associations
  • Churches and Religious organisations
  • Charities

Our audit approach is fully compliant with Australian audit and statutory requirements and our team subscribes to ICAANZ & CPA training seminars and discussion groups, specialised webinars and technical reading to remain up-to-date on the latest regulatory and legislative trends and reporting requirements.

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